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Yesterday on her return from the Essence Jazz Fest in New Orleans, former Bennett College and Economist President Julianne Malveaux posted something quite amazing on her Facebook page. Here is what she wrote:
“I wish that all of my sisters can be released of the pain they carry around. Walked Burboun Street with two of my [...]

You know at some point in our lives, in fact often, we are going to get offended. It is a natural, normal rhythm of life. The sooner we embrace that truth, the sooner we will set ourselves free from a lot of needless hurt, pain, and disappointment.

Happy Mother’s Day! Below is a Special Mother’s Day Message from our Chairman & Founder Sophia A. Nelson and it taken from her award winning book “Black Woman Redefined” chapter 9 Empty Womb: Broken Heart Redefining Motherhood
“The English Language lacks the words to mourn an absence. For the loss of a parent, grandparent, spouse, child, or [...]

Black women love their sister-friends. This, we know for sure. And yet when we’re in conflict, why do we so often find ourselves lashing out and deeply wounding the very same sister-girl we claim to love so dearly? Let’s not even talk about how much mudslinging we witnessed between sisters on the Real Housewives of [...]

“Where do broken hearts go, can they find their way home, back to the open arms of a love that’s waiting there. And if somebody loves you-won’t they always love you. . .”
I am shocked. I am saddened. I was crying as I penned this column in the wee hours of Sunday morning. I feel [...]

The annual “My Sister to Keep” (aka, formerly I Am My Sister’s Keeper) is underway. Members, friends and supporters of the new “My Sister to Keep” organization have joined from all around the nation and even a few globally in Africa, Paris, London, Austria, and South Africa.  The new focus of the organization as a [...]

“It is never too late to have a life, and never too late to change one.”–Nike, Just Do It (1990)
It’s that time again–a New Year is upon us and you can feel the excitement in the air. 2011 was quite a year for me personally. I have much to be thankful and grateful for as [...]

National Media Release (November 28, 2011)
From the Chairman & Founder, Sophia A. Nelson, Esquire:
I am pleased to announce that for the past two years, since the 2009 (5th anniversary Holiday Tea) a very small group of founders and professionals have been discussing how we can truly have the greatest impact on the lives of [...]

Special to iask Sister Blog
Chairman & Founder Sophia A. Nelson
On this eve before Thanksgiving I wish to extend blessings and good tidings to all of our members, supporters, corporate partners, sister organizations and their families.
Thanksgiving is a time of remembrance, and gratitude for all God has provided, and for those we love and who [...]

By Sophia A. Nelson, Esquire Special to Essence
We live in a time where the images of African American women often exist in extremes.
On the one hand we have First Lady Michelle Obama and all that she brings that is so positive and powerful about us, and on the other we have [...]

Jacquie thanks for talking to us at “My Sister to Keep” via our blog. Give us a prelude-who are you-why did you write this book–what are you trying to achieve? My anthem song as I was coming into my preteen years was Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman”. All the lyrics are appropriate, yet it is [...]

“The saddest words of tongue or pen are these the words what might have been.”-Whittier
Today’s tragic news of 27 year old R&B singer Amy Winehouse is something that should make us all stop and think. Truly. Winehouse is one of a list of young singers Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jim Hendrix and others, who were [...]

As I mention in chapter 10 of my book titled, “It’s the Climb: Facing Life’s Storms and Remaining Resilient” I have carried in my wallet a treasured piece of wisdom for over 17 year now from an old Nike ad campaign-it reads in part:
Sooner or later, you start taking yourself seriously. [...]

This past week the nation lost a great Civil Rights Pioneer: Clara Luper known to many as the mother of the Civil Rights movement, was the first person to organize an actual sit-in movement in 1958 in Oklahoma City.  Ms. Luper died at the age of 88.  We at iask celebrate and mourn the [...]

Editor’s Note: One of the things that iask is focused on is our physical health and wellness. In that context, however, is the important aspect of having a support network when we do fall ill or unexpectedly face a major health crisis. This week we want to spotlight one of our Member’s businesses IHASCares, Inc. [...]