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Some time ago I caught wind of an NFL football player who had so many kids by so many different women that when asked, had trouble naming all his eight children by six different mothers. Oh, and four of the eight are three years old–and they are not quadruplets.
This is an embarrassing and shameful example [...]

Join us during the month of October as we partner with Susan G. Komen’s “Circle of Promise” Campaign.  The past five (5) years we have seen first hand what Breast Cancer can do and we are fighting MAD!  The sisters of iask will be hosting pink parties in our October Buddy Group Meetings at the [...]

Yesterday was a day I will never ever forget as an American and as a black woman. I was there. I was a firsthand witness to history along with my family, some dear friends and over 1.5 million other Americans (Please see my personal blog for personal reflections and photos from Inaugural galas and [...]

Happy New Year 2009!
Greetings iask members, new members and subscribers. This year is going to be a very exciting one for iask, Inc.
May of 2009 will mark five (5) years since we were founded by a small group of women who wanted to radically change the way we as women of color care for [...]

Dear iask sisters & fellow Americans:

It’s official America has elected her first black head of state and first lady. We at iask celebrate the election of Senator Obama & Mrs. Obama to the White House.

Please join us as we start a daily prayer vigil for the Obama family and this great nation starting [...]

Sisters of iask, our valued subscribers & friends of iask, Inc.:

The time is finally here. In just 48 hours America will elect a new President. Will it be the young Senator from Illinois as the polls suggest, or will it be the experienced war hero from Arizona who has been written off by the [...]

Good morning sisters:
We are sad to announce the passing of our sister Addie Frundt, who died this past week. Addie was a mother of three (3) children and a faithful servant to the Lord. As some of you know, she was a diabetic and had to have her legs amputated. Despite the [...]

The morning after Michelle Obama’s historic speech these are some of the words used by national media pundits and journalists to describe what they heard and saw:
” She was extraordinarily human last night”
“She was a kinder, gentler Michelle Obama”
“What happened to the aggressive–ungrateful woman who does not think much of her country?”
“She was non-threatening”
“She was [...]

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Monday, August 25, 2008“Standing at the Crosscurrents of History”: Michelle Obama Speaks to the Nation“I love this country.”
“This country has given me much”
“I am the recipient of the blessings of those who came before me.”
“America should be a place where you can make it if you try.”
“Hillary Clinton put [...]