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Happy New Year 2009!
Greetings iask members, new members and subscribers. This year is going to be a very exciting one for iask, Inc.
May of 2009 will mark five (5) years since we were founded by a small group of women who wanted to radically change the way we as women of color care for [...]

The Very Image of AffirmationIn Michelle Obama, Black Women See A Familiar Grace & Strength Writ Large
By DeNeen L. Brown and Richard LeibyWashington Post Staff WritersFriday, November 21, 2008; C01
Michelle Obama emerged, long and lean, from a black limousine that pulled up at the White House the other day. She stood in a bold red [...]

Sisters Happy Autumn!!!!!–It’s hard to believe that summer has come and gone. I want to inform you all of some very exciting changes, upgrades, and events we have coming in the fall of 2008. They are as follows:

The iask inc. logo, and website/sister blog is undergoing a make-over which will be unveiled in the next [...]

The morning after Michelle Obama’s historic speech these are some of the words used by national media pundits and journalists to describe what they heard and saw:
” She was extraordinarily human last night”
“She was a kinder, gentler Michelle Obama”
“What happened to the aggressive–ungrateful woman who does not think much of her country?”
“She was non-threatening”
“She was [...]