iask, Inc. has been newly transitioned to become a Non-profit 501c(3) , non-stock Virginia corporation. Currently in our 6th year (as of May 2010), iask has become the “go-to” organization that seeks to positively impact and transform the lives of professional black women and women of color. We started as a group of 16 women in our founder Sophia A. Nelson’s living room on May 22, 2004 as “I Am My Sister’s Keeper” Inc. We still hold true to our founding motto: “You are Your Sister’s Keeper” and we officially adopted & Trademarked the acronym IASK to set ourselves apart from other national organizations.

Our goal is a simple one: We want professional women to take better care of themselves first (SELF) across 5 key areas of our lives—our emotional wellness (dealing with the work environment, loss, depression, change, etc.), our physical health (we are partnered with the Black Women’s Health Imperative and many other women’s health organizations), our Career work life/balance, our spiritual growth, and most importantly how to develop critical interpersonal relationship skills that will help us to thrive in our service to others, care of ourselves, and overall success in life.

Please join us in our mission by attending a regional or national “sister buddy group” or by becoming a member today. For more information log on to our world-wide website at http://www.iaskinc.org for more information when the new site debuts in late May 2009.