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Happy Mother’s Day! Below is a Special Mother’s Day Message from our Chairman & Founder Sophia A. Nelson and it taken from her award winning book “Black Woman Redefined” chapter 9 Empty Womb: Broken Heart Redefining Motherhood
“The English Language lacks the words to mourn an absence. For the loss of a parent, grandparent, spouse, child, or [...]

“The saddest words of tongue or pen are these the words what might have been.”-Whittier
Today’s tragic news of 27 year old R&B singer Amy Winehouse is something that should make us all stop and think. Truly. Winehouse is one of a list of young singers Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jim Hendrix and others, who were [...]

Washington, DC (May 13, 2011) — In a first of its kind groundbreaking national book on the lives of college educated, accomplished black women, more than 87% of the black female survey respondents (n=540) believe that First Lady Michelle Obama has helped dispel negative stereotypes of accomplished black women in America.  But the findings only [...]

Sisters, spring is upon us and its time for the unveiling of the annual iask, Sister theme.
This year we are going to play on the groundbreaking book that was written by our own iask Chairman Sophia A. Nelson: Black Woman Redefined: Dispelling Myths and Discovering Fulfillment in the Age of Michelle Obama (Benbella/Perseus).  Books [...]

Are Black Women Invisible?
By Melissa Burkley, Ph.D.
Created Dec 8 2010 - 12:50pm
Fifty-five years ago, Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat to a White man, and in doing so, provided the spark that set off the Civil Rights movement. Her actions that day were undeniably brave, but are even [...]

On this first day of the New Year I wanted to pause and share some reflections about 2010 and some hopes for the new year that is now upon us. I hope you will read my words, take them in and use them positively as you prepare your minds for a new [...]

On behalf of the Board and officers of iask, Inc. we want to wish you a joyous and prosperous 2011.  Our theme for the new year will be “Redefining YOU” which will be implemented in our buddy groups regionally and nationally.  As you know 2010 was a year off for the iask leadership team where [...]

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It’s no secret that I am a huge Michelle Obama fan! Have been one since the day she appeared on the national stage back in 2008.  It has been one of my most treasured goals in life to meet her.  Well, I finally met [...]

According to news sources & noted blogger Danielle Belton, author Helena Andrews and her former employer Sheila Bridges, who admitted to firing Andrews in 2003, and who was called a “psycho” and a “sociopath” by Andrews in the book “Bitch is the New Black” have reached an undisclosed settlement.  While Andrews never confirmed [...]

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There’s always gonna be another mountain
I’m always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be a uphill battle
Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose
Ain’t about how fast I get there
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb
(Miley Cyrus, It’s the Climb)
I learn a lot from my two nieces.  [...]