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In a statement released this AM, IASK Chairman & Founder Sophia Nelson shared the following sentiments:
“It is hard to believe that it was 7 year’s ago today that “I Am My Sister’s Keeper” was born in my living room with 12 other women of like mind and vision who understood, that although we as [...]

The sisters of iask, Inc. are proud  to announce our support for the groundbreaking blogger project “No Wedding, No Womb”.  iask Chairman Sophia A. Nelson will be the guest moderator along with NWNW founder Christelyn Karazin.  Please see the official press release below.  Ms. Karazin will be the iask feature weekly message from a sister [...]

By Cheryl Carr

Prov. 31: 25- “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come”
Stank attitude; miserable; messy; crazy; bitter; insecure-won’t speak; talks too much; can’t get along with her for nothing; mean; mouthy; gossipy; hateful and angry. Words used to describe women (self included). Emotionally out of control women– [...]

An Open Letter from iask Chairman of the Board & Founder Sophia A. Nelson, Esq.
Dear Sisters, Gentlemen and supporters of iask, Inc:
It seems as though “Busy” is becoming the universal response to the question, “How are you?”  In today’s fast-paced world people seem to rate their worth and value on the relentless busyness of their [...]

iask, Inc. (formerly known as I Am My Sister’s Keeper, Inc.) will celebrate the 5th year of its founding on May 16th, 2009 with a Special Sister Buddy Group & Cocktail Mixer Reception (with many of our Men’s Advisory Council Members) to be hosted in Alexandria, Virginia.  The event requires an invitation.
The 5 year anniversary reception [...]